Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Dinner in Newly Cleaned Dining Room

The Garage and The Chimney

on the day that the roofers roofed the front of the house, the garage roof was started as well... this is the garage, with a dumpster in front of it. the roof was so leaky that we had strapped a tarp on top with the help of our friends during Tropical Storm Danny.

old roof- note the many layers of shingles peeling off...

getting started on the garage...

i'm pretty sure this is the exact moment when one roofer told the head roofer that they hadn't ordered enough shingles to cover the house and the garage...

the end of the day...

the end of the next day...

we had decided to take out the chimney after we got the new boiler because there was no more need for it. we do not have a fireplace and it takes up precious space in the house. here it is, with the old chimney cap still on top, un-updated. (note the darker grey/green color of the back half of the roof).

here is the oddly colored patch we found at the end of the day

we asked them to keep the bricks from the chimney...potential garden bed border? we are also keeping the old chimney cap, to the right...awesome plant stand?

this is the oddly colored shingle that they patched our chimney hole with....the head roofer (who is more of a GC and does not do the roofing) agreed that the red in this shingle does not match the grey green color of the roof...

to be continued...

More Roofing Pics...

Curb Appeal

we hoped the front half of the roof had a little more life in it...and then it started leaking, well more like raining, in our porch and also in the attic. the back half of the porch was done by the previous owners- we are not sure why they didn't do the whole roof but perhaps its has to do with the back half being on the south side of the house, and also cutting costs.

because you never see both sides of the roof at the same time we decided we could choose whatever color we wanted. after much debate over the darkness to lightness factor (in terms of reflectivity and preventing the Urban Heat Island Effect) and getting over the fact that metal roofs cost more than double the price of the asphalt shingles that everyone has (i'm still not really over it), we chose a color of Timberline shingles.

...and then we had to choose another color because the one we liked, the one from a large sample that the shingle company gave to our roofer to show us, is only available out of tampa, FL. oy. in the end the final color selection is Fox Hollow Grey.

here's how the day went....

the following morning...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Buried Treasures!

under the bottom shelf of the built-in in the dining room.

New Old Furniture

we now have a more furnished household thanks to tim's parents and some thrift stores in CT.

the living room- complete with rustic wallpaper

the dining room- we have never had a real table before! - note the pass through window into the kitchen pantry

Project Kitchen Corner: Phase 2

since we had the sewage pipes replaced on day 1 after we moved in, the corner of the kitchen has had a gaping hole. this is a good example of how long it takes to complete projects around the house. we had purchased the material to put the corner back together right after the new pipes were installed. that was over 2 months ago. recently tim and his dad started patching the hole...

patching gaps with new insulation...

putting up drywall

and building a new box around the pipes

for now, the project awaits the next steps....but looks so much better already!

cheers to more counter space and good workers!

What Have We Here....

a mouse in the house! an accidental pet mouse now lives with us at 49 Ocean. he/she was found in the basement either abandoned by the mother mouse or brought in through an open basement door by a cat. we definitely have a mouser in the neighborhood as we have come upon 2 other dead mice recently. we weren't sure what to do with this wee fellow and were considering putting him outside until he starting nuzzling in my hands. oy. we went to petco soon after for supplies.

a few days later...

Fall in the Garden

a newly spray painted rain barrel- originally industrial blue.

the plants have all been brought inside. this is looking into our sun room.

rosemary looking out..


staking out the potential veggie garden beds

pointing to friend phil of montana where the chicken coop may go.

compost bin in the corner and the everlasting vine wall.

a newly made bed of ornamental onions. you can't tell from this photo but about 4" of soil was removed to slightly regrade it so that it slopes away from the house. this is next to the sunroom which does not have granite foundation. there is some kind of wood foundation which is rotting while being half in the ground. odd design move there.