Monday, December 28, 2009

And Let the Festivities Begin!

With my birthday!

Let It Snow...

We were a little daunted at the idea of having to shovel more snow than ever before. Luckily, our kind neighbor and his sidewalk snow blower came to the rescue.

Festivity Preparation

The Tree Hunt - after going to one tree farm where they cone-cut every tree, no matter what species it was, we went to a farm that only grew Fraser Fir- and did not shape them.

The tree farm had a collection of many old bird nests that had been found in their trees.

Back in Quincy, everyone had put up lights. It is a well lit city during the holidays. These decorations are a vintage example from a house in the neigborhood...only a few of the many.

The tree went right up and just barely fit!

The lights are flicker free LEDs.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Workshop

Tim has begun building a boat. It's a kit boat and is shipped in various puzzle pieces that get glued together (with a very strong epoxy). One day it will be a Northeaster Dory like the one we tried out at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival:

and here she is in parts....


Garage Gut

Our garage is a wee bit small for a car- it was built in 1900 along with the house. We are planning to dig up part of the driveway anyway, so the garage is really a storage shed and a bike garage. It's a sweet little building with many windows. We cleaned it up to make it a little more usable a couple of weekends ago.