Saturday, August 4, 2012

Outside at Ocean Street

Here is a series of photos of our yard and veggie garden over the past couple months...

Baby Praying Mantis!

The last time it was mowed...

Self seeding Bellflowers and Bronze Fennel


Mexican Sunflower



New plant book

bad picture of our first fig!

tomatoes growing...

early in the veggie garden


Different view of coop

Dust bathing

Allium in bloom (probably should have harvested the onions already but they are pretty!)

A pear hiding amongst the leaves and flowers



Hens chomp down on some fresh greens

Bad little striped cabbage moths- found on the kale


St John's Wort

A blurry pic of our natural meadow of bellflowers and brown eyed susans.


Bronze fennel and grape leaves

Hungry Hops

Wild Variegated Staghorn Sumac

Impatience always looks a little crazy...

Bounty from the garden

The woodland sunflowers are so tall you can barely see the coop!

Blooming fennel and Mexican Sunflower

the growing veggie garden

Nantasket Beach

This summer we got out to Nantasket Beach on Hull two weekends in a row.  Here are two shots from the same spot on the beach, one from each weekend.  Check out the tidal change!  The first weekend we got to the beach at low tide.  While we were there, we, and everyone else on the beach, kept moving the blankets, towels and umbrellas further and further up until practically everyone was in the water!  

The second weekend it was the opposite timing, we got there at high tide. We picked out a spot in the slim line of sand between rock and water.  But while we were there the beach grew and grew- still leaving the early birds hugging the rocks while all the late arrivers spread out on the spacious sand.