Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Super Moon

On March 19th we walked down to the beach in the late evening to check out the Super Moon. Any moon rise over Quincy Bay on a clear night is pretty super, but this one is called so because it was a full moon while at the closest point to the earth on its elliptical orbit. Here are a few photos taken to try to capture the magic of the moment.

The Snow Row

Back on March 12th we went out to the very tip of Hull with a couple of friends to watch the annual Snow Row. The race is hosted by the Hull Lifesaving Museum. It consists of row boats of many sizes making their way around the wee Sheep Island and back. The boats started the race in groups according to the size of the boat. The number of rowers per boat varied from 1 to 10. It was a lively scene that we viewed from a pier...

the boats line up...

and the smaller boats head out first.

and the gun smoke for the next round...the next boats had to start facing backward and then turn around in the water.

the spectacle was colorful and entertaining from our perch on shore.

the last group of larger boats took off- by the time all of the boats got out into the water and attempted to turn around there was little space for maneuvering, especially with all of the long oars.

sea kayaks made up the final group- and had plenty of space to get going after the larger vessels got themselves sorted out.

while the boats were out of site we explored the Hull Lifesaving Museum Boathouse.

and before we knew it some of the boats were back! here is the finish line, with the time keeper on the left.

the victorious lifting of the oars...

the largest boat in the race-

some people were rowing with these (historic?) oars without blades!!!

the boats were quickly brought ashore for their trip home...

an icon of life at the tip of hull.

we ventured over to the Hull Lifesaving Museum after the race, but it was closed. We did take in some views of winter ducks out in the Boston Harbor. In the distance is Boston Light.

and on the horizon on the left is Boston.