Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happiness is a set of labeled drawers

My grandfather's set of drawers from
His musical instrument repair shop. Given to me by my father.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sunday, March 4, 2012


While the floor guys were here we had them replace our old thresholds on the first floor.  We didn't have them in every doorway, and the ones we did have were trippers.  Now they are all extra original heart pine from the house!


New wood was laid in both the master closet and the small bedroom where the old closets were.  Here you can really see the difference between the new fir and the old heart pine flooring that we think has been shellacked.

What Chickens Eat

carrot greens


dehydrated meal worms! (definitely a favorite)

(trying to get into the cabinet where the worms are stored)




celery (in yogurt)

veggies and oats

Project - Master Closet cont...

the master closet has now been painted and the trim has been shellacked to match the rest of the trim and floors.  the closet and small bedroom floors are up next.

Project - Windows cont...

the bedroom windows were brought down to the basement where we scraped and sanded them.

the black paint is on the exterior side of the windows, the white on the inside.  the white around the panes is a glazing compound.

The window trims were also sanded and the bottom sills were scraped and sanded to the wood.

the newly painted windows ready to be re-installed-

The restoration window guy came back to put the windows in place and get the mechanisms working again.

the bronze chain replaced the old broken cord

all done!  it is a real joy to have working, clean windows.  it is much warmer in the bedroom and the windows are much nicer to look at without the old chipping paint.