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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blizzard Nemo

After a snowy and blustery night we awoke to the same conditions and no power....

The chicken coop was pretty well snowed in...

So Tim cleared a path to the door to see how the hens were faring...

They were not keen on coming down into the snow!  Scaredy hens.

With a little coaxing they finally came down.

We got a fair share of birds at the feeder-

You can just see the enormous front loader that plowed snow down our street.

Tim helped the neighbors fill their snow blowers with gas.

The hens barely left their perch all day- these are definitely pampered ladies.  Even with enticing food beneath them they were determined to keep their feet dry.

We walked to the beach around high tide-

Then took afternoon naps as the house temps dropped.

still on their perch before bed...

The next morning was sunny and warm.

A couple was cross country skiing on the beach.

We spotted a Red-breasted Merganser on our beach walk.

And a banded gull (#828)

Here's the Merganser again on our way back-