Friday, January 15, 2010

A Walk from the House part 2

On this cold winter day we took a walk from the house very close to our previously posted walk. There is a whole network of trails around the salt marshes in the area. We walked along a road and into the Marina Bay development. From there we had access to a piece of land that was built up in the salt marshes to use as a road when the area used to be a Naval Air Station. (There is an old airport-turned park close by that we will document in the future.) The Quincy Environmental Network is hoping to get a grant to build a bridge that would better connect this piece of land so that it is not a dead end, but instead helps to form a loop of trails in the area. At this time, a part of this walk requires jumping over a small water channel (which you can see on the map below).

The walk started on the beach where we noticed these footprints- either of Canada Geese or perhaps some of our local Brant population.

At the beginning of the spit of land that goes into the salt marshes- there were no tracks made from humans.

But there were these tracks- of our local coyotes, or "coywolves"- a hybrid of coyotes and wolves!

On the right is one of the old bunkers from the Naval station...

This is where the trail ends today and where there will hopefully be a bridge in the future. There were many salt marsh birds keeping well hidden in the grasses.

Marsh with Marina Bay building in background...

Another bunker at the school bus depot.

Wollaston Beach in Winter