Monday, November 15, 2010

Best Appliance Ever

thanks to all who contributed to the Ocean Street Fund, we now have a dishwasher. this amazing appliance has already bettered our daily lives in the first few days of owning it. we put to use the already re-done corner of the kitchen to the right of the sink...

stainless interior...

tim added two new circuits, one for the freezer and one for the dishwasher.

our favorite plumber Bruce came by to help tim install it.

for now we decided not to cut into the back wall to make the pipes fit further behind the washer so it can be flush with the cabinets. so the washer sticks out a bit but tim framed it in nicely and with a little white paint it looks great-

one of the best parts about having the washer is that means we have an empty sink and clean counters- which makes it alot easier to actually prepare a meal!

Fall Foliage

new and old plantings create color this fall. here is a blue shadow fothergilla.

bluestar and st johns wort

bright blueberries!

staghorn sumac (not planted)

marigolds and broccoli

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Morning Glories of All Colors

In late summer, the morning glories started blooming...

The Garden Continues to Grow


A lone pear on our ancient pear tree

kentucky wonder pole beans

a little crowded, broccoli on the right, squash and melons on the left. the bird's nest gourd climbing the trellis really ended up taking over.


raised beds and trellises

squash flowers

...and a summer squash

a baby bird's nest gourd

we had many cucumbers, great for pickling

...the rewards

July Flooding

Compared to neighbors around Quincy and other towns in the Boston area, we fared pretty well in the storms early this summer, but we still got a little water in the basement, and some ponding in the backyard.

Our man-made pond:

Where it leaks in the basement...luckily it dries quickly. This is about as bad as it got, but within a day or two it's dry again.