Saturday, February 27, 2010

Winter Projects

The boat project has continued slowly during these winter months but we recently had a productive day where we epoxied the stern, bow and bottom of the boat together. We spent a decent amount of time making sure the boat was level before we went hung ho with the glue. We had previously epoxied all the side planks of the boat together as you can see with the messy, darker glue marks.

Before the gluing began, the boat was being held together by the copper wire that is somewhat visible in this photo.

We then fiber-glassed the interior bottom of the boat- which is also a messy business.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Geese Tracks Mystery Solved!

The tracks on the beach previously posted were indeed from our resident population of Brants. Here are some shots of the real thing. (

The First Flush

Shiitake! This is an indoor Shiitake mushroom patch. It's basically a block of mushroom mycelium and sawdust that we soaked and then misted (in boiled and rain water). The first flush produced two huge mushrooms that we probably should have harvested a couple of days earlier- but they were delicious! The second round is in the process and will also be documented.

Brought to you by Fungi Perfecti.